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Coinzy is a twice-daily newsletter of top curated stories in the bitcoin and crypto world .

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I would love to have this as an Alexa Flash Briefing Skill :)
@baidoct My thoughts exactly! @thebizguy if you'd be interested in providing this as a flash briefing skill as well, I'd love to help.
@baidoct Great idea! @yamini Would love some help with that. Can you DM me on Twitter?
Hey @thebizguy, Can you tell us a bit more about what you've built here and how it differs from similar news sources out there?
Hi @jacqvon Great question! The primary difference is that our newsletters contain human-curated content with the most timely news in the crypto world, twice a day. We're not just pushing out articles gathered by bots based on keywords. We're actually determining the best and most important content at that moment. The newsletters are literally created within minutes of being sent to our list, so they contain the very latest news. Most newsletters like this are scheduled out one or more days in advance. With the fast-changing pace of the crypto space, that news is often obsolete by the time you see it.
Great way to stay on top of the daily crypto craze without having to go hunt down reliable content. Microcontent for the win!
@zcferres Thanks Zach! Glad you're liking the content.
The content is really great, but the content links are so spammy! It's a horrible experience. I also wish there was a way to get one, consolidated email per day.