Cryptocurrency price alerts and portfolio management app

Coinwink is fast, open source, privacy-focused email & SMS crypto currency price alerts and portfolio management web app.

Create currency and percentage alerts for 2000+ coins in BTC, ETH, EUR, GBP, AUD, and CAD.

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Hello, I'm the founder of Coinwink. I wanted to create an automated service that would free myself (and other people) from constant crypto price checking. I started this project almost two years ago. I wanted it to be simple, free and fast. That is why you can use it even without the account - an alert can be created with a single click. Later SMS alerts were introduced, more coins and additional currencies, percentage alerts and finally the portfolio feature. Coinwink is growing and attracting new users steadily. is the first organic result on Google with "bitcoin alert", "ethereum alert" and similar keywords. It was stress tested during this winter's bull run and scaled properly afterward. Recently Coinwink has been monetized for SMS alerts. It has a generous free plan of 10 alerts for basic users. Coinwink is a privacy-focused and open source. It is based on Coinmarketcap API.
Nice product. I think the SMS alerts are pretty valuable and being able to set it from the browser is quite convenient. Do you have a blog somewhere? Would love to read the story of how you got to number 1 in google for such common keywords.
Hi @dbrereton The blog is available at although it's not very active. For SEO - no special secret, just your regular optimization. Also, Coinwink had many upvotes on reddit and was on the main page of popular crypto subreddits, so I suspect that this had a positive effect on SEO. Besides that, people were mentioning Coinwink in their youtube videos and blog posts, also in tweets, so this context and backlinks also helped.