AI-powered data for the cryptocurrency and ICO market


Coinvision is a bot specialised in delivering alerts with predictions and information about the most credible crypto coins. Coinvision bot analyses Slack and Telegram channels, Twitter and other credible sources to send alerts about credible projects and ICOs.

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Coinvision is a great startup that I'm more than happy to support. I found these folks on ProductHunt myself and have been impressed with the content they provide. Unfortunately, I can't speak of others, but my experience has been nothing but pleasant. As I'm an avid crypto enthusiast without possessing the time to continuously research opportunities (due to work), coinvision has been pivotal in providing objective analysis of certain situations. These are purely their own recommendations and you are free to make your own decisions. I eventually subscribed to their premium service and being through many other discussion forums, their slack as been nothing been productive. The staff are respectful and invite objective discussion. I hope these guys grow in the crypto space for providing such a valuable resource for me (at least).


- Great bunch of friendly folks who want to help

- Fast updates of critical news

- Objective ICO analysis

- Thoughtful discussions


- Can't really think of any. They never purport to be magical wizards with "insider" knowledge.

I run a private facebook group to encourage women to get into crypto. Most members are beginners who feel intimidated by the crypto world in general, and more specifically the people who populate the community. I'm always on the lookout for toxic behavior when I'm scouting for tools to recommend to the group.

Coinvision's slack is a wonderful community. I've asked questions, and received a lot of thoughtful advice and responses. The founder even reached out to me at one point and mentioned that it was his priority to make an inclusive community that didn't talk about hodling, lambos, and moonshots.

I happily recommended Coinvision to my friends. The affiliate program is great too.


The team is great, the community is inclusive, they help answer questions about crypto in general, FB messenger integration and good tips.


No cons, it's money well-spent

Coinvision is guiding me with advise and signals and has a valuable community with quality insights


* people to talk to about crypto

* active feedback on investments/ trading

* nice community


none so far

Been member since the beginning after they suggested couple of really interesting stuff when it was 100% free.

I'm neither newb nor expert in crypto so the guys running this provide great insight and are always available to answer questions.

IMO, the Slack community is even more interesting than the alert, for me at least.

They don't ask a lot and I feel like I get more than my money worth of this subscription.


Great community and advices


None so far

Awesome community and a lot of useful analysis. Happy to be a part of it!


Team, community, analysis, news, Coinvision tool



I haven't done any trades based on their calls so far, but as far as I've checked most of them would be profitable (can't really say which ones would make a loss). Overall knowledge in the community is good and it's also easy to find good new projects that are popping up and missed by majority of the crypto community.


Great community with good insights and always willing to share knowledge


Can't think of any

This is not a P&D group, call based on solid analysis.

Nobody knows, but some more than others.

Definitively worth it.


Really helpful guys. Sharing knowledge. And, even more, Friendly


no cons

You can access premium alerts via Telegram or Messenger. Their web site is also have a coin index page on which you can see mention rankings of coins.


Excellent slack community. Knowledgeable and helpful people. Alerts are mostly spot on.


None to think of so far.