Like Tinder for rating ICOs

Coinswipe is like "Tinder for scoring ICOs" Swipe bad token aspects left - win points. Swipe good ones right - win points. Coinswipe rewards users for identifying weak projects, correctly identifying winners and submitting accurate data on ICOs, helping the crypto community make better decisions as a group.

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19 Reviews5.0/5
Coinswipe takes the classic “swipe right/left” app concept and puts an entirely new spin on it. The market entrance couldn’t be better with all of the advances taking place in the crypto/blockchain world. Not only is this app great for upcoming ICOs (initial coin offerings), but it possesses a wealth of knowledge on cryptocurrencies that have already “gone public”. The user experience is simple, and it’s easy to jump right in and begin learning, as well as contributing. Coinswipe also rewards its users for making valid contributions, whether that be in the form of new information, or correcting information that somebody else contributed. Because this app rewards its users for participating (and contributing accurate information), a “hive mind” of sorts had already began to develop. And as it continues to gain popularity and a new user base, this repository of knowledge will continue to grow. All in all, this app took a great concept, and executed it very very well. I had the pleasure of beta testing, and i’m proud to have been a part of such an awesome project. If you already have an interest in crypto, or are simply looking for a place to learn about it, definitely give Coinswipe a try!!!
@jtay1994 Wow, thanks John! I can tell you that your feedback was essential in helping us priorities the features that ended up in this first release. I’ve never had so much positive collaboration with so many awesome pre-launch users. You are a pristine example of that and everyone on our team appreciates it. Thanks again!
@jtay1994 That sir is the best product endorsement Coinswipe has received so far. We, really, really appreciate it! Thanks a lot!
This seems like a cool concept. You have a solid opportunity to integrate with someone like as well for data curation and potentially strengthening their view of the ICO.
@__shenderson__ Thanks a lot for saying that! Great idea, just sent a message to one of their advisers ( @picoloresearch @astronautcap ) . I couldn't agree more, that would be an excellent fit. Thanks again!
Ben, thanks so much for the hunting Coinswipe! Hi everyone, I'm Lorenzo, founder of Coinswipe. Kostya, Sarah, Mark, Dmytro and the rest of our team put together the first beta of Coinswipe in about a week late last year. The love and feedback we got from over 2,000 people was so strong that we dropped our other projects and focused on making Coinswipe something worthy of that support. We appreciate the chance to get feedback from the PH community as part of that ongoing journey. The concept is simple: the app should crowdsource token data and make it very easy for anyone to rate key attributes of blockchain projects by simply swiping right or left swipe. All participants get points in the app for swiping, but useful contributions are rewarded with actual tokens (an ERC20 token from a separate legal entity with no ICO involved) 12 months after they contribute data or swipes positively correlated to project outcomes. To help self-moderate data quality issues, a multiple of points earned will be subtracted if a community member submits bad data on an ICO. In the earliest stages data quality is expected to remain an issue prior to getting a large enough community to moderate. Thanks in advance for taking the time to check it out. We totally appreciate your feedback.
I love the concept of coinswipe. It's easy, fun and very useful. I love the fact that you can share your knowledge with a simple swipe and you're rewarded for your participation. And the better you are, the better rewards you get. The design is beautiful and the app is very intuitive.
@cassandra_beaulieu thank you so much! Our team put their hearts into it and listened carefully to the earliest beta testers. We really appreciate the feedback. Thanks again!
Interesting idea!
@rlvl Thanks for saying that Rudy!