Crypto activity on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram and Steemit

#4 Product of the DayDecember 15, 2017

CoinShilling is a website that lists the activity of all top-50 crypto coins on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram and Steemit. You can, for example, keep track of the amount of posts/comments made on Reddit for a specific coin. And see when the interest in certain coins start to grow.

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Wow. 1) Love the idea. 2) Not even a trial offer? That's a little cheap. And it's funny that you can't pay in crypto currency either.
@nassaraf 1) thanks, glad you like it! 2) the trial is that you can see everything with a 24h delay. Grab some old charts from coinmarketcap and compare those to CoinShilling, and find out if it’s worth the money for live data :-) I’m going to look into making it possible to pay with crypto. Stripe was just the easiest way for me to get it to market!

Overall cool product but have no idea why a login is required and I'm hesitant to give any information to this site.


Interesting top-level view of talk about various coins


Requires login for current data. 24 hour delay without an account is a lifetime in crypto...

First off, thank you for the creation of this site. It's an incredibly insightful resource! Secondly, the site is wise to offer a login for current data and to give a preview of what the site's offerings are for free with a delay. It's hard enough to monetize a business and this is definitely useful information and insight that I would pay for to stay up to date. We'll be reviewing this on The BNN mobile app this weekend BTW. So tune in! We're also a paid view app. Because we should all support each other's creations and its good to pay for things of real value to us. Everyone from Wikipedia creators, Facebook creators, crypto creators need to eat and get housing. Don't let innovation die. Help it flourish!
Login = Paywall.
Hello Brandon. Thanks for the feedback! The login (and payment for that matter) is required because I've done an investment in making the product and keeping it online. Using the 24h delayed data should be enough for you to make the decision if its worth the money. With live data you can start making money on the crypto market yourself. Considering your hesitation to give information. All payment data is stored with Stripe. I only collect your e-mail for login, and a hashed and salted password. Nothing more.
My buddy @ernstmul made a cool tool to monitor they amount of buzz around the top cryptocurrency coins! 😎
@bramk Thanks for hunting Bram!
Cool project Ernst!
@svenvd_zee πŸ™ŒπŸ»
This is really interesting - in testing have you seen strong, direct correlation with the price and the amount of positive sentiment in the community? I'm assuming the answer is yes, but curious if you've tested that...
@benmlevy I've done some visual testing. So comparing graphs and making assumptions. These were already quite solid. Nothing scientific just yet. Next step will be training an AI to find patterns, an working towards actual giving buying/selling advice.
@ernstmul Gotcha, makes sense. Obviously that's a huge piece of the value of the data!