Invite others to Bitcoin with a physical/virtual gift

Share the experience of Bitcoin by gifting a physical and virtual Bitcoin. Coinsend sends the gift and guides the recipient through understanding Bitcoin and setting up a Coinbase account.

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There’s very limited information regarding what would a potential buyer will actually buy.
@alentodorov Thanks for your feedback! We just made the FAQ page more accessible on the homepage. Also, here's a link to it: Please let me know if that page still doesn't answer your questions, and I'd be happy to respond here!
Thanks to the preorders we received! Just to provide more background, Coinsend started just a week ago as an idea for how to entice friends and family to adopt bitcoins and increase public understanding of cryptocurrency. We thought, with the holidays coming up what better way than to send them what's essentially a gift card that can grow in value? Of course, just sending someone an email saying "you've got $50 in internet money" doesn't have quite the right feel. Our service, in addition to arranging the transfer of your gift amount, will mail your giftee a nice package with instructions and a physical coin memento. Our goal is to get people excited about Bitcoin and give people something intriguing to talk about at the dinner table. Happy holidays!