Track cryptocurrency prices, markets, volumes and much more

CoinsCrate is a lightning fast cryptocurrency market data provider for all your favorite coins and exchanges. Providing you a beautiful overview of the market movement, advanced coin search and real volume estimates for top exchanges.
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been using for a week and is my new go to coinmarketcap!


Simple design, super fast


none so far

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@jordansteeves hi jordan, do you still use them? and if you stopped, any particular reason? surprised this platform didn't get more traction post launch!
What is the business model behind this?
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Hey 🖐! We still have tons to do with CoinsCrate but we decided to release it now and gather some feedback 🍼. We have some great ideas 💡 about improving and adding new features to our cryptocurrency tracker 🔥🔥🔥
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@piotr_miloszewski Are you going to add reviews?
@jordansteeves I will share the roadmap soon! Reviews of coins and exchanges are on the list, can't wait to show you our plans.
@piotr_miloszewski Sweet! Would also be great SEO for you as well since google will show the little stars like amazon results
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Looks good, can we get more details on a coins detail page? Like information about that coin etc?
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@tais46 yeah this would be ideal. Seeing a pages specifically for coins is usually what I bookmark and come back to
@tais46 Coin Detail page will have literally every single information about the coin with the rating, reviews and double checked data in the future. We are still on the early stage but I we will work hard to deliver the best experience for our users.
interesting, good looking app. yet it feels like it could be improved. looking forwards to additional functionality
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