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CoinScanner is a tool to find cheapest Bitcoin / AltCoin rates. Convert between any currency pair. Including your local currency. Compare rates on different exchanges. Search from over 1,000 currency pairs. Get trading ideas. Latest exchange data.

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Hi ProductHunt I built this tool which I wanted for myself ever since I started trading cryptocurrencies. So whenever I went in to place a trade on my exchange accounts, I would manually check the prices on 2-3 exchanges before picking my go to exchange for the particular trade. Surely, there had to be a tool which can quickly get me the price data from these websites and suggest me the most profitable trade. Sadly none found. So I made it. not only gets the price data from 110 exchanges and the top-300 cryptocurrencies around the world, it supports 46 fiat currencies and allows you to convert from Crypto-to-Crypto, Fiat-to-Crypto, Crypto-to-Fiat and even Fiat-to-Fiat (for those of you who are into that kind of stuff). It takes advantage of arbitrage across exchanges to help you save money on your trades. But it doesn't stop there, it even suggests you intermediary currencies which you need to convert, in order to do the transaction. And signal: which gives you a snapshot of the volume of that trade on the exchange you are looking at. So you can pick the most popular and thus the fastest option to trade that way. Check it out guys, I hope you like it, and I really hope Coinscanner can help you find your next profitable trade. I would love to hear from you guys, there is a feature request section on the website for your suggestions. Let's together make this tool awesome. Massive thanks to ProductHunt team and @neerajt4 for hunting Coinscanner. Best, Rajan
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@rajan_soni All the Best! 😊
@rajan_soni wow. You are a genius. Thank you
@neerajt4 @rajan_soni great product! All though i tend to read it as coin scammer. it's a nice take from skyscanner who wasn't bothered. The biggest issue in the cryptoworld is the trust and i see some exchanges that i researched and don't trust. I bet if you would add a layer as such more nubies would go through you. Good luck
@neerajt4 @be_creatv thanks Ivan for the kind words. We take security and reliability of exchanges very seriously. And are planning to include the trust metrics into the ranking algorithm. But for now, take help of signal. And only trade on exchanges with good signal count.
@neerajt4 @rajan_soni This is brilliant. I will use it for sure. :) Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you.
The interface looks good. Definitely bookmarking this. 👍
@rishabh_bose thanks Rishabh
The logo reminds me of the logo for Target...
@_mgdo can't unsee, now that you've said it.
I find this to be an interesting tool and one I’ve thought about in the recent past. When I view on mobile, I see what is presumably the best rate. However, it’s not clear where to find the rate.
@rollingherenow Is it just mobile where you can't see the rates. Well have you tried scrolling the table?