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Coins is an encrypted cryptocurrency portfolio management tool created on top of Blockstack. Built from the ground up to measure your performance at varying scales, from fine-grain to high-level insights. Try out the demo and see how easy we make it to analyze your investments.

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Hey everyone! I'm Chase, the software developer on Coins. When @aulneau_ and I set out to build Coins, we wanted to address the fact that there was growing mainstream interest in cryptos, but all the cryptocurrency portfolio apps were confusing and seemingly built for professionals. With Coins, we want to lower the barrier to understanding your portfolio performance while providing even better data analysis tools. OH and P.S. -- We're pleased to announce today that we were just announced the winners of the first $25K Blockstack Signature Fund bounty. As with art, Coins is never done, and we've got a lot more in store, so keep checking back in!
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👋 everyone! I'm Thomas, the UI/UX developer on Coins. Super happy to be on Product Hunt today along side @chase_wackerfuss :) As Chase said, we've been building Coins to be a tool that anyone can get up and running within minutes and gain real insights into their holdings and profits. We've noticed a trend with similar apps to be overly complex and show too much too quickly. Coins is an app that you can enter your portfolios and holdings and immediately be able to understand where you stand and how you have been performing. It's been a fun month and a half getting to this point, and we're super excited to add new features to Coins. Things coming down the pipeline soon: integrations with exchanges, alerts, and a mobile app :) If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out at or leave a comment here.

The design is stunning and the app works seamlessly. It's a huge plus to be able to manage multiple portfolios from one account. Looking forward to new features!


Detailed without being intimidating. Great design.


No automated importing yet.

Great product roadmap. This is going places.


great design and easy to use


not mobile responsive