Coinranking Exchange

Cryptocurrency instant exchange. (service closed)

#5 Product of the DayJune 11, 2017
The Coinranking instant exchange is closed. Instead, visit to discover any cryptocurrency.
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Good job! Any updates im future?
@josh_khoury Thank you! We constantly updating our website, including the exchange part. We definitely have some great features in the pipeline :)
@mark_kooistra Love it! Is pay by card and or bank transfer in your pipeline of features for the near future?
Hi @kwadwoadu! We plan to add such a feature in the future. But it's a bit more difficult, so will take us more time.
@mark_kooistra Sweet, any way to get updated?
@kwadwoadu Yes of course! You can follow our Twitter (@coinranking), all new features will be posted there :)
I did a rate comparision between shapeshift(1 BTC = 8.18 ETH) and coinranking(1 BTC = 8.25 ETH). The rate in coinranking is higher but I'm just wondering is there any hidden miner fees that is not shown in the page?
@jpequod I can almost guarantee that you discovered their margin. Go directly to shapeshift for a better price, it seems.
@nickabouzeid @jpequod Why would shapeshift have a better price? Can you please explain the part about discovering their margin.
@ghiliweld The person that built this site makes a profit by charging you a margin on what they pay to Shapeshift to use their service.
@nickabouzeid @ghiliweld Coinranking rates appear to be better than Shapeshift's from the few combinations I've tried
Hi @jpequod, thank you for your feedback. We did a clean API integration with ShapeShift. We haven’t set any extra fee for ourselves, and use the ShapeShift affiliate program. This program has different levels of rewards, depending on monthly trade volume. These levels go from 0.05% to 0.25%. At this stage we only get the very tiny amount of 0.05% per trade, and ShapeShift on average 0.45% per trade (at their own website 0.5%). There are some miner fees involved which we are going to make visible very soon. :)
After my last Shapeshift experience, I am weary of doing any coin conversions. Got about half of that what should have been deposited.
How long does exchange from ETH to GNT last?
@kam_gol It takes like 5 - 10 minutes