A better way to pay remote and international employees

I'm the co-founder of CoinPip. Happy to answer any questions you may have about us. I've faced many problems when making bank wires to remote employees and freelancers. This is a product that solves my own problems too. Love to hear your comments and feedback!
I've used Coinpip to transfer money to Ireland and it was amazeballs!
@neilayton Thanks Neil!
We all know international remittance sucks. Sucks bad. The team is here to take away all that pain and also make it ridiculously cheap using Bitcoin 'magic' ;) If you have remote employees or freelancers, you SHOULD use them.
@varunkhona Hi Varun. It's very true. Lot's of people I know take Western Union and banks for granted. Today if you transfer $500USD overseas to, say Kenya or Indonesia, you have to pay $32 in wiring fees and exchange fees. It's really a rip off. We can help you transfer as little as $150 and costing you no more $3 in total. Best of all, in 48 hours or less.
@varunkhona @ansonzeall This is seriously a unknown problem for startups until you start to have multiple employees worldwide. 2014 was a nightmare paying staff. Great to see something like this!
@varunkhona Thanks a lot @cedfunches ! Hiring remote workers is becoming a big trend, especially for startups, thus we're here to help!
Part of 500 Startups Batch 11 this company leverages Bitcoin to make it easier and faster to pay remote workers. Payments are sent directly into the recipient's bank account so they don't have to actually touch Bitcoin.
How do the rates compare to @TransferWise?
@TransferWise @joefarish I wonder about this too. Of it's 0.3% with the "true" exchange rate (the rate you get by Googling) that's really great. If not I guess Transferwise will still be cheaper for most countries (0.5%, true exchange rate). Excited to see startups using Bitcoin as the backbone for international transfers - this is definitely the future. Keep it up!