Your cash change to your bank, amazon or charity, free.

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CoinOut is a digital wallet for everyone. Turn loose change and receipts into effortless money. Today -> upload your receipts from ANY merchant to get cash back. No credit card or debit card needed.

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Jeffrey Witten
Jeffrey Witten Hunter@jeffreywitten · Coin Out Inc.
Nobody likes change, especially rusty old coins. CoinOut lets you store your change at the register without an app or preregistration. Save it at any participating merchant into one wallet, and then choose to cash it out to your bank account, charity of choice or Amazon gift card. All for free.
Asher C Siboni
Asher C Siboni@asiboni27 · CoinOut, Inc.
@jeffreywitten We'll be live by the end of the week at merchants around the country. Stay tuned for updates! #NeverChange
Ned Kenney
Ned Kenney@ned_kenney · Co-Founder, CEO, & Janitor at Laughable
Eliminating change is a really worthwhile pursuit at a high level...and then you guys did such a good job minimizing the friction with your implementation. Love not having to jump through hoops to get started. Nice work Jeff and team!
Vikram Rajan
Vikram Rajan@vikramrajan · Raviate, co-founder
great idea, tho i hardly ever use cash; only do so at merchants who don't take credit cards, who tend not be very tech savvy or connected
Jeffrey Witten
Jeffrey Witten Hunter@jeffreywitten · Coin Out Inc.
@vikramrajan thanks for you comment! I hear you. We'll be live in several merchants that you would qualify as not tech savvy with CC minimums, as these smaller businesses have increasingly more access to basic, cheap tech that we can deploy our software through. But fundamentally, we're targeting the 60%+ people in the States that prefer cash for smaller purchases and use it on a day-to-day basis.
Jeffrey Witten
Jeffrey Witten Hunter@jeffreywitten · Coin Out Inc.
@Besvinick you posted us on here roughly 2 years ago... circling back to where it began as we are now ready to rock and roll.