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Coinnewsly allows you to receive a personalized cryptocurrency newsletter with the best articles about the coins you are interested in.

You simply select the coins you are interested in and set the frequency of the newsletter. Coinnewsly then finds the best Reddit articles about those coins and sends you a daily or weekly digest.

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Hi all! First of all, thanks @bramk for hunting us! Mathijs and I made Coinnewsly because we wanted an easier way to read interesting posts about our favorite coins. We used to visit numerous webpages and lose a lot of time doing so. That is why we made Coinnewsly, which goes through all the webpages (currently only subreddits, but we are adding more sources) of your favorite coins and selects the best articles and delivers these in your inbox. Now you are always up to date, without losing a lot of time searching the web. If you have any questions, please let us know!
Hey nice product. Do you have an API? I am looking for a crypto news aggregator that I can access programmatically
@aviggiano Hi Antônio, thanks! We did not develop our own API, as mentioned by Stefan we collect the relevant information about the coins you are interested in. In doing so we make use of several other APIs. As a start we can recommend the API from Reddit (, this is great source for crypto news. Hope this helps!
I tossed this idea around for a while back in December. Glad to see someone made it. One suggestion, don’t bother with traditional account creation with password. Since you need a working email for this why not go the passwordless route and skip yet another password to manage? You’d be verifying emails as well as making signup potentially easier. This is how medium sign in works.
@twalling Thanks! We totally agree that a paswordless signup would be better. We will look into this, thanks for the feedback!
Cool product by my buddy @steevie7 - Coinnewsly sends you a daily (or weekly) newsletter with the latest news of the coins/tokens you follow - super helpful!
Really nice. Registered immediately. Wide range of coins to choose from. Still there can be added more!
@epcundmehr Glad that you like it! We will add a suggest button to the subscriptions page so that you can let us know which coins you would like to see added to Coinnewsly. You can also send us an email or reply here to let us know which coins you are missing and we will do our best to add them immediately!
@steevie7 Thanks for answering. I would like to see BAX, XDCE, Storm, DRT and SVD there. And maybe a "General" Topic on other relevant things.