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In this age of instant gratification, it sucks that most major Bitcoin vendors make you wait forever (upwards of a week) to get your Bitcoins. That's not the case with Coinmotion in 11 countries and counting. And in most other European countries you can still do SEPA transfers at a decent speed. Edit: The generally awesome @teempai is one of the founders, I'm sure he'd be happy to join in the comments to answer questions if he gets access. /cc @rrhoover
@teempai @tomhamalainen and team are awesome. Have had the pleasure to work in close proximity for the last couple months. Excited to see how big of a splash they're sure to make in the space.
I've always been curious as to why there is such a long wait for some of the other Bitcoin vendors? @teempai can you shed light on that and why you guys don't do that?
@ccarella The wait is usually because many types of money transfers can be cancelled or charged back after they have been made. Our payment partners, on the other hand, make it very difficult to do this, so we can offer a faster service. It's basically a risk management issue.
I'm the CEO of Coinmotion. Great to see our blood, sweat and tears find its way on to Product Hunt. I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone has!