Decentralized ICO syndicates

1. Allow everyday users to piggyback on experienced ICO investor's knowledge.

2. Fully automated end to end process - from token purchase, claiming to sell and receive profit back, again and again.

3. Backers can withdraw Eth and tokens at any stage.

4. Support multiple ICOs for each syndicate.

5. Fully decentralized.

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13 Reviews4.6/5
About the Team: Rick – founder and CEO of Pozible, serial entrepreneur, raise $$mm for his projects Dan – M&A and VC background, most recently at a $1B+ fund Seb – digital strategy consultant at Cap Gemini & PwC Why CoinMirror: We built CoinMirror to fulfill the promise of democratized investing. Good quality ICO investment opportunities are rare and hard to find. By allowing regular people to essentially co-invest with credible investors, we can manage some risk, and provide access to great deals at the earliest possible stages. Features: - Our decentralized application allows people to pool funds together - A KYC/AML'd expert ('Syndicate Lead') sources a good deal, negotiates favorable terms with the increased leverage of $$$, and then invests. - End-to-End Solution: Syndicate Lead can also sell the token, take profit, and/or re-invest in multiple other ICOs. - Withdraw funds at anytime before they are deployed to an ICO. More and more, pre-sales are closed and filled by top funds and private investors – with CoinMirror, we can ensure that the people, the REAL future users of any product, can invest at the earliest moments. This is truly fulfilling the promise of democratized investing. Join us!
Glad to be part of this!
Here is what makes me so excited about the values of CoinMIrror: decentralized is democratized, but what's the point of a democracy when 10 people own a huge portion of token sales? CoinMIrror democratizes token economics.
It was really simple to invest
A straightforward investment platform. Go CoinMirror!