An in-home crypto mining machine

Coinmine One is the first ever personal crypto device. Earning crypto has never been easier. Just plug in. Connect to WiFi. And tap on the cryptocurrency you want to mine in the Coinmine App.

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We're super excited to share Coinmine with the world. We've been working hard all year long to make crypto easy for anyone. Crypto hardware and software are way too much work. But not any more. Whatever anyone tells you, don't give up on making the things you love and bringing them to the world. The Product Hunt community gets that more than anyone. Please reach out with any questions or feedback or suggestions. We can't wait to make Coinmine better with you. Coinmine lets you instantly set up any mining operation at home, it gives you immediate access to new promising networks – the Bitcoins and Ethereums of today. Take the Coinmine out of the box, connect it to the internet and power, and it instantly starts mining a cryptocurrency of your choice. We currently support ether, monero, and zcash, with more on their way.
Pumped to see this come out of stealth. The thing that excites me most about it is its potential "if it works" (a fun frame to explore when reviewing early startups. It has the potential to not only power a Web 3 future but also becomes a massive distribution channel for new crypto networks and tech. Disclaimer: I invested in Coinmine.
@rrhoover what was their response to and why they "failed". Also what edge does having a personal miner give for distribution? A wallet should suffice.
I can't deny it looks very aesthetically pleasing, and I appreciate such early support for Grin. However, with a $800 price tag and assuming current prices and an average US electricity cost, it seems to mine about $20 of Ethereum a year. And on top of that, you take a 5% cut? Am I missing something, or is this more of a luxury gadget/ way for people to set up a full node easily?
@nielsderuiter_ Thank you! It mines about 1 ETH/year currently. We don't know how much Grin it will mine yet. :)
@farbood That's not enough to cover energy costs in most places though right?
@farbood @nasamura $174.08 ETH PRICE - $378.6 ELECTRICITY COST = -$204.52/year
@farbood @nasamura Correct - if this made money they wouldn't sell them, they would run them themselves.

I pre-ordered the product but have not actually tested it yet. The Founder is a friend and I highly respect his integrity and work.


1. EASY, no need to set up hardware/software to start mining cryptocurrencies

2. Just plug it in and earn money while you sleep


Will take you a little while to earn your money back (it's an investment)

Couldn't agree more @to. Been Team @Farbood since the Grockit days. Just preordered now.
If you use the nicehash profitability calculator, the RX 570 would make approx $11 not accounting for power. Yikes. It would take 5 years for roi. I would rather they capitalize on the hardware running validator nodes for staking systems. That is where i see the real value with something you can set and forget. But that being said you can probably just setup a small system that does not require the heavy duty gpu.