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Coinlister takes the stress out of marketing by promoting your coin or ICO on 100 directories and listing platforms for you. Submission takes 60 seconds and starts at just $39.

  • Ben Tossell

    No doubt people will use it


    Dont pay to be posted on PH

    Against terms of PH.

    Ben Tossell has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 



    bad support, submission status failed, chat issues, not started until now

    waiting for 10 days. Nothing done until now.

    deleted my other review

    Bad support

    Maiers Maike has used this product for one week.
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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Some ICOs will want this for sure as it saves them the time to post on all these things I'm pretty concerned about this point though: "We'll submit your coin or ICO to Product Hunt and help you get it featured for 24 hours" Testimonials all include being featured on Product Hunt and only one had other coverage (could be from being featured on PH rather than the submissions). Note that 'Scrum'/'The Startup Button' are also products from the maker of Coinlister/Instaaa too. So it seems that Instaaa is also violating PH terms with paid posting. I could be making a fortune 🙃
Ryan Heybourn
Ryan HeybournMaker@ryanheybourn · I help startups grow @useinstaaa
@bentossell hey Ben. I've since removed both offerings from Instaaa and Coinlister as I don't want to be in breach of the TOS. I totally agree with @ems_hodge that Product Hunt should be a level playing field and that every maker should have the freedom to post. Apologies for not realising this sooner. In regards to Scrum, it was built by me but sold last year before I launched it publicly. I then built Instaaa and Mohammed (the new owner of Scrum) was one of the first people to use it.
@bentossell back in the day I whipped up a site called Product Pimp that was going to pay people with access on PH to Hunt products. I never released it because after sharing it with @rrhoover I realizing it went against the TOS 🤦🏻‍♂️
Ryan Heybourn
Ryan HeybournMaker@ryanheybourn · I help startups grow @useinstaaa
Ryan Heybourn
Ryan HeybournMaker@ryanheybourn · I help startups grow @useinstaaa
Hey guys 👋 A few months ago I launched Acting as a huge learning curve for me, Instaaa is now my most successful (and stressful) project to date. I've worked hard to get it to a point where I finally feel proud of it and appreciate each and every one of you who put up with the steps I took to get it there. Today I'm launching a spinoff of Instaaa called Coinlister. Coinlister enables you to promote your coin or ICO on 100 directories with a single click. Submission takes 60 seconds and starts at just $39.* The idea of narrowing the processes of Instaaa down to a small niche is something I've wanted to do for a while now. I believe that in the future I could potentially implement other variations of this, aimed at things such as Instagram accounts, music, etc. I'm excited to see how this idea is received and aim to continuously build upon it over the course of this year. *The word 'Directories' is widely used on the site and essentially spans a variety of submission locations my team use. These include media outlets, listing platforms and communities such as reddit. You can view the entire list of places we submit at Enjoy! 🙌
Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)Pro@emilyjsnowdon · Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt
@ryanheybourn Hey Ryan, Ben is right on this. I didn't see Product Hunt listed in your 100 directories, but do see as Ben's pointed out this is on your premium plan. Product Hunt submissions are free for all - anyone can acheive contributor status and hunt their own product for free. We want all Makers to have the same opportunity to hunt their product for the community to discover, and are available on our support channels to assist Makers with their hunts and launches. Happy to re-feature your product once this has been removed.
Vasiliy S.
Vasiliy S.@veggy109 · SK Ltd
Interesting product, saving for later.
Ryan Heybourn
Ryan HeybournMaker@ryanheybourn · I help startups grow @useinstaaa