A directory of cryptocurrency resources and whitepapers.

Coinlector is a collection of resources and tools to help guide you through the cryptocurrency landscape. It includes over 150 products (and counting) in 10 categories, including: Whitepapers, Exchanges, Wallets, and ICOs. Each product comes with a short summary displaying information about the product.

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Hi Product Hunt! Coinlector was a side project I have been working on for the past few weeks. After visiting and reading various crypto-centric forums (and subreddits), I noticed there were many newcomers interested in cryptocurrency/Bitcoin but were confused about where to begin and what tools to use. Coinlector is built for beginners and veterans alike. Whether you are interested in knowing which wallets will keep your coins safe or just want to read some white papers, Coinlector will help guide you through your crypto journey. I am happy to answer any questions and am open up to any suggestions from the community (new sectors, tools, etc). Thanks, Steven
Great job! I was actually building something similar through a trello board, but this feels much better! :-) How does it work the submission? There is a review process of the submitted resource or anything that's submitted is actually published?
@siestetix Thanks! I manually review all submissions. The process is not ridged, as I take into consideration the general crypto-communities' perspective of the submitted product/tool. i.e.: Do people have generally favorable feelings towards it? Has it established a strong trusted brand?
Awesome site Steven! Looking forward to seeing more on the site! Personally, I'd like to see analysis of different icos.
Looks familiar :D
@dylandamsma As a regular Cryptominded visitor, this project was obviously highly inspired by you. But built more for my needs (Whitepapers, people to follow, hedge funds). :)