Crypto terminal for prices, news, social posts & portfolio.

CoinHub is a beautifully designed cryptocurrency terminal for iOS that delivers realtime quotes, news, and social activity for your favorite coins. CoinHub also provides a realtime Secure Portfolio to keep track of your positions. Everything CoinHub does is on device and never sycned to a server.

  • Pros: 

    Intuitive, easy to navigate, lots of info, easy on the eyes, great source for news


    This app has helped me a ton. It was really easy to keep track of prices and keep up on news. Nice UI and I like that everything I need is in one place. I don't need to fire up the computer or look elsewhere. I like the clean dark look. Easy on the eyes especially at night or before sleep. Very satisfied with it. Especially since I'm on the road all day and need to stay on top of things.

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  • Mark Levy
    Mark LevyCEO, MaxxoMedia

    Have been looking for an app that keeps track of principal invested vs. gains. Thanks.



    Would like a decimal option for the fee entry field. Also ability to choose default fiat currency for purchases.

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Raj Kadam
Raj KadamMaker@raj_kadam · CoinHub
Dear Hunters, I bought my first cryptocurrency earlier this year and when really didn't find a good mobile app to keep track of the 24/7/365 crypto markets. Worse, all the apps that were there sync all your data to a 3rd party server. So I decided to design and build my own. Introducing CoinHub! CoinHub is the ultimate cryptocurrency terminal for iOS delivering realtime price quotes, news, social posts, and currency flows information in realtime. It also has a Secure Portfolio to keep track of all your positions. Everything CoinHub does with your data is kept on device protecting you from hackers. Appreciate everyone taking it for a spin and giving us feedback! -Raj
CyrilPaglinoPro@cyrilpaglino ·
@raj_kadam Hey man, nice work. How do you differentiate yourself from others players like CryptoPro (which i use) ? What are the benefits ? Thanks
Raj Kadam
Raj KadamMaker@raj_kadam · CoinHub
@cyrilpaglino CryptoPro is pretty awesome. I took a look at it when I first got into crypto but decided it wasn't enough for me for the following reasons: - Graphs weren't detailed. I needed detailed candlestick graphs when I was on the go so I could get a cleaner picture of price movements. - The news isn't complete. I found the news lacking. - There was no social integration. I really needed everything that was happening across reddit right at my fingertips and I couldn't really get that. - Sharing. I wanted quote sharing to look great. Me and my friends talk a lot about this subject and I wanted to look good and detailed when I shared quotes. - Security. From what I could tell, it shipped my positions off to a server. As someone who worked in the security space in the past, that didn't sit well with me. - FOREX. I also buy currency using other pairs that are not my native fiat. So the conversion of that was quite time consuming. There are some things that they do well. They have great widgets and alerting. Which is something on our to do list. In addition to addressing all of the things above, we plan to: - Integrate with GitHub so you can see code checkins of your favorite coins. - More platforms. - More blockchain tools. - More currency flow and impact information. - More machine learning based alerts. Great question and I hope this answers it. Appreciate the support and spreading the word about CoinHub!
David Iwanow
David Iwanow@davidiwanow · Global Search & Traffic Manager @ Danone
Interface looks nice but will have to wait for Android app