Use Google Trends to notify you when to buy crypto

Coinflashtrend will email you when Google Trends is trending up for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. You can also backtest the strategy up to a year.

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Maybe I'll do this for all the ALT coins: Maybe just look at the last 30 days as opposed to a year: Thoughts?
Hi Louis! Have you generated any historical return comparisons? Eg. if you bought $100 in every crypto that received an alert at time of alert for the last year, you would have gained X% to date?
@nickabouzeid this is a good idea! I'll do a comparison table for each crypto and also add a field for what X% to date would be if you just held it. will email you when Google trends is trending up for your cryptocurrency of choice. Do you think you would ever use this to influence your investing decisions?
@louis_lapat just signed up for the email notification. I'd use it. And your passive investment app too. Currently I passively invest a set amount weekly.
@calebsylvest cool! What do you use now? Coinbase?
@louis_lapat probably shouldn't say publicly considering how many people have been targeted recently. But I purchase through through an exchange, then move to cold storage. Used a few exchanges. Coinbase is easy and has a high profile coming from Silicon Valley. But always having trouble with demand and traffic. And limited coin options. Kraken and others are nice because you can go beyond the big three and purchase Ripple, etc. But I always suggest Coinbase for first timers.
@calebsylvest I'm really looking forward to when Kraken and Gemini get an OAuth 2 option for their API so I'm not limited to just Coinbase as a developer...what do you mean by targeted?
@louis_lapat looking for the article to share, but basically there have been scams going around facebook and such of "friends" requesting bitcoin to help pay for a family member in the hospital and such. Things like that.
Thanks for this!
@cm0nt0y4 no problem:)
Hi guys, here's how I built this: Here's some other crypto bots I built, one takes Reddit posts run through Google's NLP API: