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#3 Product of the DayJune 03, 2018

Everything you need to know on crypto in 5 mins

Coined sources, curates & summarises news from over 50 sources and delivers them conveniently on your mobile. You can personalise what you get and when you get it using filters.

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Hello hunters, Excited to share Coined on Product Hunt. The crypto-industry is growing fast, and so are news-sources covering it. In order to stay up to date you would need to follow at least 20 to 50 of them at all times and weed through all the noise, all the repetition and all the ads. This is a full-time job. That's why we source, curate and write short summaries of what really matters. And unlike daily or weekly e-mail newsletters, you can actually select the categories you are interested in. The advertising ban by Facebook, Google, Twitter for crypto-news and crypto-related projects forces us to create new ways of connecting news with the crypto-community. This is the first iteration of the product. Feedback (bad and good), suggestions and ideas are very welcome and highly appreciated. If you have news you want to share, send to If you are a journalist and you want to contribute, contact Help us turn Coined into something truly great for the crypto community.
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a search function for the news would be very useful (date and keywords).
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@pheeelicxz thanks for the suggestion. We'll add it to the roadmap.
Looks really interesting!
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@rlvl Thanks!
Do you write the summaries or there is some tech behind?
@victorbercaru Thanks for the question. The summaries are written by real people. There is no other way at this moment to guarantee quality. We are in the process of strengthening the editorial team.
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