A wiki for long-term investors in blockchain networks

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Hi all, I hope you find Coindexter to be a useful resource. Happy to take questions and gushing compliments, genuine or otherwise.
@libovness Very cool! What would you say is the core problem you're trying to solve?
@_sklahr_ Whitepapers and other resources scattered across different websites. I find it interesting to read a few related whitepapers in a row. Having the url's handy is also nice for me while browsing. More info on this here:
@libovness Thanks! I had tweeted recently about the need for a PH-style community built around ICOs. Newbie investors need access to unbiased info, and lack the ability to detect scams or technically unimpressive projects. The community could really benefit from a single place where people can interact with Devs, ask questions, air concerns, etc, all while maintaining a positive atmosphere and avoiding excessive shilling. Seems like this is a good first step towards solving (some) of these issues.
@libovness Clever name sir!