Bitcoin alerts. 100+ cryptocurrencies supported.

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Thanks for having us on Product Hunt! Quick introduction: we support over one hundred cryptocurrencies. The application supports real-time alerts sent via email, SMS, and push notifications to your Android or IOS device. Let me know if you have any feedback, questions or comments! Thanks for upvoting, commenting and sharing. If you sign up or share please let me know.
@adamevers any interest in in-browser push notifications? We ( are in the current YC batch and have a super easy platform to support it with API, etc.
@millisecond definitely. Can you shoot me an email? adam [at]

Signed on hoping to get % change alerts and the product was a big let down, had alt coin pairs running every day that I know should have tripped the alerts and they just didn't


premium version doesn't work with % changes, save your money


decent free platform