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CoinBundle is the easiest way for new investors to buy bundles of cryptocurrencies to build their portfolios. Zero trading fees, best in class custody and a range of investment options to choose from based on risk profile and beliefs. Based in San Francisco and backed by YCombinator, Initialized Capital, Switch VC, Tuesday Capital, Liquid2 Ventures

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    I like coinbundle project and new features

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Alex Iakovlev
Alex IakovlevMaker@yaklev · Co-founder, CMO at CoinBundle
Hey #ProductHuntFam! We’re back with some cool stuff. Didn’t have much time to prepare custom graphics for today, but we’ve got some exciting announcements. We have launched 3 new bundles: 1. Coinbasic Bundle - faster, easier, more user-friendly than Coinbase Bundle. No extra fees, no trading fees and purchasing literally in one click for $5. 2. Halal - the world’s first bundle of digital assets compliant with Islamic Finance. 3. TOP 20. Twenty (20) cool coins in one click for $5. No need for research, buying everything separately. Also tradable in one click and without trading fees. You can start investing in our bundles now unless you’re in the U.S: If you’re based in the US, please use this test account: Login: Password: CoinBundle1! Look forward to getting your feedback!
Mufaddal Durbar
Mufaddal DurbarMaker@mufaddaldurbar
Hello ProductHunt! Mufaddal here, but you can all call me Muffy. I've worked with our crypto team to come up with the bundles that are found on CoinBundle, we've picked majority of the coins in the bundles based on looking at the fundamentals behind the teams running the projects, plus their historical performance (Although with Crypto, that isn't the most important indicator). We've also done a number of backtests, and worked with our analyst team by using some of the principals of Modern Portfolio Theory to pick certain coins, and the weightage that these coins should have in each bundle. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!
good project
Max Loginov
Max LoginovMaker@max_loginov · CTO @ CoinBundle
Chandan Lodha
Chandan LodhaHiring@chanfest22 · Co-Founder @ CoinTracker
Impressive to see this team continuing to ship non-stop
Max Loginov
Max LoginovMaker@max_loginov · CTO @ CoinBundle
@chanfest22 Hi Chandan, nice to see you. Indeed we are :)
Salvini Paolo
Salvini Paolo@salvini_paolo
Hello, the withdrawal can be done only in dollars or even in cryptocurrency?
Alex Iakovlev
Alex IakovlevMaker@yaklev · Co-founder, CMO at CoinBundle
@salvini_paolo hi there! At the moment only fiat :) We'll add a crypto withdrawal option soon :)