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One-click micropayments for creators

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Micropayments has been one of the great unfulfilled promises of the Internet, and we think that bitcoin could change that. Looking forward to the feedback from the PH community!
@ntmoney I love how simple coinbase has made this. Is it possible to change the money denomination? e.g. bits -> USD? The value of a bit changes by the second.
@michael_mclean yup! you can do that in settings of your Coinbase account
Thanks for the love guys. For the Product Hunt community, the first 50 tips are on us! The first 200 people that email will instantly get $5 worth of bitcoin.
@rrhoover could implement this to incentivize the hunt 😉
@michael_mclean :) I've thought about what PH would look like with micro-transactions/crypto-currency. I'm very curious to see how reddit roles this out, as revealed along with their recent funding announcement (cc @alexisohanian). That said, monetary incentives are tricky and in many cases are terrible motivators. I wrote a piece with @nireyal on this a while back here. But if done right (e.g. dogecoin has been very welcomed and empowering to some communities that have adopted it), it can really help.
@rrhoover @michael_mclean @alexisohanian @nireyal relatedly, one of the more fascinating companies is @humble, which lets users decide how much they want to pay for game bundles. They could pay nothing but they end up paying staggering amounts in some cases. It's the old adage that those who receive are more prone to give. Really excited to see how this space develops!
@davidlee @rrhoover @michael_mclean @alexisohanian @nireyal @humble Yes, Humble Bundle is probably the biggest pay-what-you want business model success story on the Internet to date. They also now receive a high percentage of their orders in bitcoin, and that was one of the data points we used to decide to build this product.