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#3 Product of the WeekFebruary 14, 2018

Coinbase Commerce is a platform to accept multiple digital currencies with ease through a fully customizable integration.

  • Tyler Ruby
    Tyler RubyFuture Founder

    Cool idea!


    Coinbase's support team has been overwhelmed for over a year. How can they support a new product too when they can't support their old one?

    I see posts on Reddit and Twitter about Coinbase's horrible Customer Support nearly weekly. It's a shame that they are launching a new product when people can't even get their money out of Coinbase.

    Tyler Ruby has never used this product.
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  • Philip Ingram
    Philip IngramChief Thinker-Upper,

    Easy, Entry Level


    Expensive, Understaffed support

    Like other have mentioned, easy entry into crypto but high fees and multiple times not being able to use the platform coupled with almost non-existant support having to wait weeks to get a response that doesn't even address your question. It's nice they want to add new features for us but they need to first be able to support the existing features and user base.

    Philip Ingram has used this product for one year.
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverHunterPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Ironically Stripe recently discontinued support for Bitcoin payments. Today, Coinbase introduces it's Stripe-like competitor focused on digital currency transactions. This is a big move for Coinbase, extending its offering. Side note: Keep an eye on their Toshi platform. It could be a sleeper.
@rrhoover thank you @rrhoover for posting this here 🙏
Davis Baer
Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Co-Founder of OneUp
@rrhoover This is huge for the practical application of Bitcoin!
Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz@frantzlight ·
@rrhoover Too bad Toshi isn’t available in the US App Store 😕
Mark M. Whelan
Mark M. Whelan@mark_m_whelan · Founder, Fellow and Executive Coach
@frantzlight I downloaded it, try again.
Scott Robertson
Scott Robertson@scott_robertson · Engineer, Baremetrics
@rrhoover More interestingly, Stripe's implementation actually just used Coinbase's API in the background.
Anthony Painter
Anthony Painter@a12rj · operations, investor, problem solver
Is Coinbase putting on extra support staff to be able to respond to users in a timely manner? Reddit is full of accounts of extremely slow service times, frozen accounts, lack of communication experiences between company and user. How is the exchange, who is unbelievable busy already, add a new layer/service and scale its support commensurately? Thanks.
Hi everyone! I work on the Coinbase Commerce team. Happy to hear your feedback and answer any questions you have
Henry Doe
Henry Doe@hcdoe · Designer
@maksim_s Can you walk me through the purchase cycle? If I buy something using BTC, do I need to wait the 15/20min for the network to accept the transaction? Or do transaction under a certain amount just get processed if I have some form of 'reputation'
@hcdoe we kept things simple for now: You will have to wait a certain number of confirmations (depends on the network) for a payment to confirm. Longer term: we will be spending more time thinking about how to improve this experience.
Henry Doe
Henry Doe@hcdoe · Designer
@maksim_s Awesome. (I'm sure your aware of it) But I've been using Nano recently which is instant transfer which has been useful
John Palmer
John Palmer@john_c_palmer · Software Engineer
@maksim_s Is there some way we can get a confirmation when the payment is confirmed? Right now it just looks like I can embed a button or link on my site that let's people pay me. I want to be able to hook that into an API so that I can confirm that a customer has paid. Is that possible?
Waldemar Juschin
Waldemar Juschin@wjuschin · Founder - 5AM Provisions, Inc.
@maksim_s pay with XRP?
Jaynti Kanani
Jaynti Kanani@_jdkanani
They had a page called "Coinbase merchants". They just changed the name, did PR again and added extra currencies.
@_jdkanani it's actually more than that :) Please see my response to @yoeriboven
Behrouz@behrouzix · PhD Candidate at Manchester Biz School
As someone who had to deal with Coinbase support - which took about two months to get a single reply - I'm excited, but scared.