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I completely agree with @nbashaw and to put it another way, Product Hunt is the place to discover new and "undiscovered" products worth sharing. A product released a year ago may be unknown but extremely interesting or valuable to the community. Snapchat is a good example of a product that few people (at least in most social circles, including SV folks) knew about until ~1 year after its initial launch. But of course, it would have been a killer discovery and fun product to discuss well after its launch, before it became mainstream.
Coinbase has been around for a bit, but today they just announced a new round of funding from Andreessen Horowitz!
This "new" game is a challenging one :) With the site so far it seems like it's been a combination of products that are truly new/yet to launch and products that are great and under the radar and hence might seem "new" to some. Is it your preference to avoid postings from the latter group and only focus on the truly new? cc @nbashaw @rrhoover
I think the PH sweet spot is "just launched today, totally awesome!". Where it gets really tricky is with products that have been around for awhile (more than 9mo) but many people probably don't know about yet. For some people a company may be really old news (like for me, coinbase, because I've known Brian since he was an engineer at airbnb) but for others that same company may be completely new. I guess when we have more liquidity with voting this would take care of it. It's just a tricky balance
Also, what's the cutoff for when something is no longer new? A week old, a month old? Technically something like Pinterest was old even when it was discovered by silicon in a similar scenario should that old (but new to me) startup not be posted to PH?