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Coinavy is a platform that provides information related to the crypto-world, initially covering ICOs, Whitelists, and Events. What makes it different from the rest is its ability to allow everyone to contribute to it either by submitting new ICOs, Whitelists, and Events or by editing/ suggesting the newer changes to existing data on platform.

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Naeem Noor
Hello guys, I'm one of co-founders of Coinavy. If you don't know what Coinavy is, it's a platform that merges information related to cryptocurrencies and what's happening in the crypto-world. It initially focuses on sharing ICOs, Whitelists, and Events but there will definitely be more to it [news, presales, private sales, and remainings]. Why Coinavy? I'm a BIG believer of blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies and love investing into them - what I found most disturbing is going to different places to complete my research before I could invest in them. For example: I'd have to get to know about a project from 'platform x', know more about it from 'platform y', and be able to understand what they are upto from 'platform z'. It was kind of a struggle to roam between all these platforms and still miss something that's required in order to make investment. Here in Coinavy, that's not the problem; you get to know about what's live and what's going to be live on 'platform x [Coinavy]', you get to know more about the token metrics and details on 'platform x [Coinavy]', and you get to know what they are upto and how far they've reached their road-map using Twitter tweets again on 'platform x [Coinavy]'. And you know the best part? If what you see is incorrect or missing, there's this 'suggest edits/ missing fields' button next to each Metrics box where you can submit the most latest and accurate data that's released for other people to research better. In short; Coinavy is the product of compiled data submitted to the website by people like ME and YOU. It is like Wikipedia of cryptocurrencies where everyone avails the possibility to make the information provided more accurate if in case it's not. Apart from suggesting edits/ missing fields, everyone from now on is able to submit an ICO, Whitelist, and Event (initially - there definitely will be more to come in near future). With this update, I believe the problem with researching ICOs and finding out whether the project is good or not. In the next update, we will be releasing features that will allow people to better surf cryptocurrencies in the same website; we will allow Coinavy to also have 'News Section' that shares what's HOT in the niche. Other big updates will also take place as we make progress. Let us know your thoughts.
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