Coin Tax Guide

Cryptocurrency tax info from crypto-savvy accountants

Coin Tax Guide is easy-to-understand and up-to-date tax information for US-based cryptocurrency traders, from the crypto-savvy accountants at Ledger. Includes lifetime updates— stay up-to-date when crypto tax laws change.

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The most recent version went out 1/15/18! We cover airdrops and forks. We're averaging two updates a month. Whew!
Hey Brianna! Love this stuff - this entire realm is stupidly confusing for no reason. How did you and the Ledger team put this together? Who did you work with?
@nickabouzeid Hi Nick! I've run my accounting and tax agency for nearly a decade. My team of IRS-certified tax pros/CPA's and I spent a good chunk of last year helping individuals learn what will happen regarding taxes on their cryptocurrency, and finally decided to put it into a useful guide. I think the best part is that it comes with lifetime updates— it will be super important to people to have qualified pros explaining things as tax laws surrounding cryptocurrency indubitably change.

Please, no more fucking cryptocurrency tools. You will look silly in six months when this idiocy crashes the global economy.


potential arbitrage


contributing to the downward spiral of the global economy

So just transferring crypto currency from one exchange to another exchange will be taxable.
@jojithumma the current consensus is no- only if you change the type of coin. otherwise it’s just like moving dollars between drawers in your house. but if you turn ETH into LTC, or something like that- yes, taxable event.