A mobile cryptocurrency wallet that's as safe as a hardware wallet, but still lets you send crypto as easily as sending a text message. We partnered with chip makers so we could use your phone's secure hardware to encrypt and store your keys. First mobile wallet that comes with a guarantee.
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Hi Product Hunt, We launched the Coin Stats crypto portfolio tracker two years ago and now 500,000 people are using it every month. Today we're officially launching the Coin Stats Secure Wallet so that you can keep your crypto safe on your mobile, whether you want to HODL or actively trade. Let me share some details about what makes it great: - Full hardware encryption. We're using your phone's Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to encrypt and securely store your keys. This technology is built into 1.6B devices already and we've partnered with the manufacturers to make sure it works properly. ARM and Samsung call this Trust Zone, Apple calls it the Secure Enclave. - This is the same technology that makes Apple Pay and Samsung Pay so secure. The US government also uses it for secure storage of access codes. You're getting the same level of security that big businesses use. NO OTHER WALLET HAS THIS TECH - You can send crypto as easily as sending a WhatsApp message. Copying and pasting your wallet address is really prone to error. It's not just because you might leave a character off. There are lots of malware programs that change your clipboard to a different wallet address entirely. We make sure you never have to copy-paste by deep linking to your wallet. - We've partnered with SignKeys to guarantee the crypto in your Coin Stats Secure Wallet. When you buy KEYS tokens, SignKeys guarantee up to 10x as much of your crypto assets. For every 100 tokens you buy, 25 are set aside in a reserve pool to ensure liquidity, while also increasing scarcity. Cheers, Narek
It’s incredible to see this hit Product Hunt. I’m CoinStats/Narek’s partner at SignKeys. To celebrate this launch and to celebrates its success, get an instant 50% KEYS bonus for Product Hunters for a limited time (until April 30,2019). KEYS are tokens that you use immediately to guarantee your holdings in the Coin Stats Secure Wallet and unlock additional features. (You don’t pay fees, just hold KEYS.) In a nutshell: - Download - CoinStats Secure Wallet - Now within the secure app - Purchase US$20 to US$99.99 worth of KEYS and receive a 20% KEYS bonus - Purchase US$100 to US$1,000 worth of KEYS and receive a bonus 50% KEYS bonus When you buy and hold KEYS you also unlock these great features: - Send and receive crypto via messaging including Facebook Messenger, Kakao, Line, Wechat, WhatsApp, Telegram etc. - Your wallet is guaranteed against hacks up to 10x your KEYS holdings - You can share and also earn KEYS using your personal and unique Coin Stats Secure Wallet Referral code You'll see your KEYS bonus within 24 hours of purchase. Best, Joe

The ability to send crypto by message is spot on. Can't wait until atomic swaps are enabled in order to bypass exchanges.


The security is solid, based on what they say.


I'd love to see an updated UI with more guidance.

Wow, good stuff! Does that second image show QR code sharing while face to face with other users?