Coin Stats Direct

Exclusive chat for verified investors and crypto teams.

Being one of the most popular crypto portfolio tracker apps we're trying to solve spam/fraud issues on existing crypto communities like Telegram, Reddit or Slack.

Each coin will have it's chat channel where the team members can chat to their investors in an verified environment.

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Hey Product Hunt Community, The story of Coin Stats starts in Summer 2017 when we, a small team in Armenia, created an app to track our own crypto investments. After pushing Coin Stats to the App Store we got some traffic and user feedback which helped us to continuously improve the app over the coming months. With a focus on the product we were able to become one of the most popular crypto portfolio tracking apps on the market gaining millions of installs in a matter of months. Today, we are releasing another product, that we believe will solve a major problem in the crypto space: We built a chat for each crypto team where only verified investors can chat. This will encourage productive questions and generous feedback from chief level crypto executives. We're hoping that Coin Stats Direct will solve the major spam issue that existing cryptocurrency communities like Telegram, Reddit or Slack are currently experiencing. ✅We verify investors by having them connect at least one exchange account (i.e. Login with Coinbase) ✅Crypto teams can claim their profile here: ✅We’re rolling out the Coin Stats Direct Beta for 10 coins to start with Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, NEO, VeChain, Kin and AppCoins. Download Coin Stats app for iOS ( and Android ( We are looking forward to your feedback and will try to answer any question.
Currently the communication in the crypto space seems flawed, this could be a suitable solution. Seems very promising!
Is Coin Stats Direct App is separate app or part of existing "Coin Stats" app?
@adalquardz It is available inside Coin Stats app. You can visit a coin page and find a chat icon on top right.
Coin Stats Direct won't replace Telegram groups, because they allow new crypto investors to get their questions answered. However it has the potential to add another layer of communication in the crypto space. Our hope is that chief level executives will start answering questions on there and will give crypto investors more insights. It should be a professional tool for more experienced investors to check in with the company's progress and give direct input. The verification will also filter out most of the spamming and will keep the conversion focused on the topic. Very excited to see where the community will take this product.