Coin Out

The digital coin jar

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Jeffrey Witten
Jeffrey Witten @jeffreywitten · Coin Out Inc.
Coinout is now live! Sign-up at and check us out at our merchants in NYC!!
Adam Besvinick
Adam BesvinickHunter@besvinick · VC at Anchorage Capital
Assuming you're paying with cash, getting change can be annoying. Having it "in the cloud" seems pretty useful to me.
Stefano Bernardi
Stefano Bernardi@stefanobernardi · Investor
This is dope.
Andrew Torba
Andrew Torba@torbahax · CEO, #SpeakFreely
Can I bitcoin it out? :)
Jeffrey Witten
Jeffrey Witten @jeffreywitten · Coin Out Inc.
Andrew - not ruling anything out just yet... We are ramping up and will keep those interested via email if sign-up at the site. If you ever pay with cash, I think we have something for you. No app download, smartphone or added hardware necessary. Just remember your cell-phone number!