Coin Market Manager

Smart accurate, crypto portfolio coin tracking software.

NOT just another Coin Tracker!

Track your Breakeven in real time on each coin

Watch your rolling Profit Loss across all exchanges like Binance & Bitmex

No more guess work.

Updated every few seconds.

Nothing Like this exists anywhere!


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8 Reviews5.0/5
This is the first portfolio tracker I’ve used that gives me a truly accurate position on my investments. Period. They do the simple things really well and provide extra layers of insight into my trading history, that I can’t see anywhere else. There’s no fluff with this software. Every piece of information served to me is relevant and in some cases, unique. As an example, I’m not sure if I know of any other tracker that provides my BTC break even position, which for anyone trading for BTC stacking, is paramount. They also break down my historical trades in any given coin, so I know my true position overall. That’s seriously important information that no other tracker is offering. Looking forward to seeing other new elements of the dashboard going live and I highly recommend you get signed up. You won’t be dissaponted.
@simeon_g_h The BTC break even position is one of the tools I use the most, its especially good if you have bought in and sold out multiple times on the same coin.

If you own crypto you have to have Coin Market Manager!


Accurate, breakeven and profit loss real time information. Quick and easy to sign up Currently Free


Would be nice to have an app

Hope to see CMM continue to improve


- In depth breakdowns of all trades - Track gains made against initial FIAT investment - No more spreadsheets


- Mobile view is a little limited and no app - Needs more exchange compatibility

Thanks, App should be on its way soon, and we will be adding a feature soon that will allow users to vote on the next exchange for us to add. But once we have been in operation for a while I expect we will add new exchanges are a pretty fast rate.
Seriously innovative take on Crypto tracking. Ive never known my break-even price on live investments. Or seen such an indepth breakdown of my trades into legs, and how much I made or lost each time. Very informative, well laid out, and smartly put together. Love the real-time total net worth in the browser tab too!
@david_kanzen The Leg system is 100% unique to our platform and really gives you great indepth insight into how you have traded.

Great team!


Nice interface, useful and great


App - coming soon

Thanks you, We have a road map for an App, once we have have gone through our initial launch phase and we gather enough feedback, we will have a great APP.