Coin Demo

Visual demonstration of how bitcoin transactions work

Coin Demo is my attempt at demystifying how bitcoin transactions work. It has a living blockchain, a peer-to-peer network, and a user tour.

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It looks nice, but I'm having a really really hard time understanding this. I'm actually more confused. It doesn't explain how mining works - which is what I think I have the most time understanding.
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@stephenmarklevi Thanks for the feedback :) Maybe this would help?
@seanhan i think a layman’s language explanation accompanying what we’re seeing would help a lot.
@seanhan for example, explain to me what mining means. what is a block? those kind of things. this still seems just like a visual representation of an engineer’s brain. but explaining each step and not just making a flow chart could make the concept of blockchains much more digestible by the public. i don’t have any existing examples offhand, but those are my $.02
i have to admit, this is pretty confusing.
@seanhan i trade bitcoins daily, using coin base and other platforms - howevery the app you made, doesn't make much sense to me
No sure why this or your other teaching app is getting upvotes. I don't understand blockchain or blockchain transactions any more than I did prior to using your apps- which I should note are nothing more than pretty todo lists creators. Haven't used PH for a few years and honestly sad to see it reduced to silly attention-seeking 'products' like this.
Hey PH! As Bitcoin rose to unprecedented levels, it caught my attention & curiosity. I wondered, how does bitcoin really work? As I went down the blockchain rabbit hole, I found that many resources rarely go beyond the “revolutionary”, “distributed” and “immutable” dialogue. Many talk about the what, but not so much the why and how. I resorted to reading technical papers and source code to uncover this black box. What I realized was bitcoin was just blockchain + transactions. This app will cover the transaction part of the equation. Hope you enjoy and find this app helpful!
Hello, @seanhan! Thanks for your contribution to the Bitcoin community. I've pushed the project to the 'Learning' section on CryptoList.