Coin Dash

An adventurous minimum viable game

Olli is a bold pixel in a super pixelated world, and now it’s time for a new adventure. Each world requires a special number of coins to unlock. You tap, Olli jumps.
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I started working on this game about a year ago as my first game dev project but kept getting discouraged by the scale of the original concept. So I decided to release it as an MVG instead. (minimum viable game) It's probably not for everyone, but hopefully some people will enjoy the raw gameplay without the extra fluff. It's currently free to play & ad-free. My top questions are: 1. What do you think of the difficulty progression? (too easy or hard) 2. What world/level did you stop on and do you think you'll keep playing? 3. Do you notice any bugs or other issues?
Haha its quite addicting tbh. What will you add next?
@zigex7 haha, perfect :) My next step is to improve the animations and sound effects. I'm generally happy with the balance that keeps the next level/world attainable, but it could be more satisfying to hit 100 coins on a level for example. The artwork (if you can call it that) was meant to be a placeholder, but it's growing on me now. Thanks!
Pretty fun. Made it up to world 2 level 5. You should add some secondary goals to each level. Mario games always have like 3 special coins or whatever that are a secondary goal for the level. Could add some replay ability to the levels.
@bpmarkowitz thanks for the feedback, I do like that idea. I might add a few red coins to some or all levels, plus a new world that requires them to unlock.