Coin Caps

Simple, minimalist crypto branded hats

Coin Caps offers basic, baseball style hats branded with various cryptocurrency logos. They're simple, yet elegant, and we think they're a nice addition to any wardrobe.

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Hey everyone. Thanks for having us! Coin Caps recently launched to provide a much needed style choice for the crypto-minded individual. While searching around at cryptocurrency inspired apparel, we noticed that many offerings were a bit over the top for our liking. I mean, how many HODL shirts or hats can a person really want? This formed an idea in our heads. We decided to take a more subdued approach by using a simple aesthetic for our products. So take a look around the site. It'd really mean a lot to us. If you have any comments or questions about what you see here or on the website, feel free to contact me here. I'll be chilling on PH all day :)
A little late to the party here with this, but as a thank you to this awesome community, we thought we'd offer a discount code for you guys. At checkout, enter the discount code PHCC17 for 20% off you entire order. Cheers!