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#1 Product of the DayNovember 21, 2019
Dubbed the "Venmo of Crypto", Coin is the fastest and easiest way to manage digital assets. Using text or voice messaging, send assets by saying “Send $50 Bitcoin to Mary”. Easily receive assets across the Internet with your own URL -
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Hi Product Hunters! 👋 Somewhere along the way in blockchain, startups forgot about the power of being simple, usable, and fun. While managing money is very serious, it shouldn't be difficult and needs to have the right balance to cater to all audiences. Today, we would like to unveil our premier product that speaks to our mission of simplifying digital assets. We’d like to introduce “AIDAN”, your Coin Assistant and the world’s first financial AI-Assistant for digital currencies. 🤖💰📈 Easily send, receive, and exchange digital assets by simply text or voice messaging! Dubbed as the "Venmo of Crypto", we are the fastest and easiest way to manage digital assets. Send assets by simply saying “Send $50 Bitcoin to Mary”. Easily receive assets across the Internet with your own URL - Usernames are going fast, so sign up today and start sending and exchanging crypto in seconds at We would appreciate all of your feedback and are here to answer any questions!
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To help kickstart your journey into blockchain and get started, I'll personally send free $COIN to anyone that adds me as a favorite. Just do the following: 1) Type "favorite @d" After I send you some free $COIN, try: 2) Type "Send 10 Coin to Damon" and watch the magic happen in seconds.
@vietnam You have to double check your website in Safari. Not sure if it's just me, but the bot is not asking me anything. I feel like the page doesn't load completely. In Chrome it works perfectly. Good luck!
@roman_tesliuk Thanks Roman! 🙌 Can you try Safari again? It’s working for us.
@d @vietnam Where is my 10 full Bitcoins! Seriously though, super bad ass product here!
@d @chris_knightsbridge Thank you! Check your wallet now. 💪
Can't shake the feeling that the robot and messenger UI are pulled directly from Was this your inspiration?
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@johnzach02 I don't think there's much of a feeling to shake, Zach. It's a pretty blatant copy of our design system. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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@johnzach02 @tonydevincenzi We certainly did find inspiration from them as well as others. In fact, we tried a number of different design styles including the following: During our betas, users told us that they prefer the standard messaging experience and unfortunately that design standard for this is really consistent across all messaging platforms. That’s why all messaging platforms look the same.
@johnzach02 @tonydevincenzi @vietnam I’m not sure what other messaging platforms you’re using, but I use several that do not have an avatar that blinks, bobs up and down, has a multi-color bezel that animates around the eyes, and follows my mouse around the screen on a light blue background 🤔
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@johnzach02 Thanks for the feedback, although I would disagree that it's a carbon copy. Truth be told that we explored a few different concepts for our "bot" and even found it difficult to find differentiate from the norm and what users expect. A google search will reveal a lot of consistency in overall bot design as well. I'm happy to share with you our previous designs and concepts as we went through multiple iterations on that alone. There's a few reasons why we landed on AIDAN's design including the block shape for relevancy to blockchain, colors in accordance to our theme, etc. I would be lying if we didn't take inspiration from multiple sources. But we truly believe that our design has enough differentiation for all products to create their own personality and identity. As always, I'm happy to discuss this over a call as well.
Oh wow... Finally a product in blockchain that doesn't confuse and scare me away upon first sight. I tested the claim and was able to register in less than two minutes and then send some ETH in under 10 seconds. Send me crypto at LOL
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Wow that's super cool !!!
I love it, cant wait to use it!