Coin 2.0

All your credit cards in one. Tap to pay.

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I'm still waiting for my Coin 1.0
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@talkaboutdesign "Existing customers who have not yet received Coin have been automatically upgraded to Coin 2.0 and may check their delivery ETA in the Coin mobile app Settings menu or through this shipping inquiry form."
i feel like i'm the only person that hasn't had issues with their Coin 1.0... Everyone I talk to says they have issues, but mine has always been fine. I had the Beta originally, and that had tons of problems. Once I got 1.0 they were all solved though. It's even been through the laundry twice....
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Coin user here. Honestly, it's not as good as advertised. When I first got my hands on it, I decided to keep a credit card in my wallet just in case. That turned out to be an incredibly wise choice. All in I'd say it works ~70% of the time. The registers and swipes it hasn't worked, have been for a variety of stores and machines. I've noted many of them down, and even emailed the list to Coin per their request. ANOTHER HUGE PROBLEM THOUGH is that that Coin app on the iPhone is an insanely large battery drain. You need to keep your bluetooth always on, and the app is often running location services in the background. Power drain city. I did hear back from them and they asked me to check on a few diagnostics (which were oddly difficult to perform), that ultimately told me the Coin was working fine. So.... ...bottom line, I like the card in principle. But if I still have to carry a credit card with me in addition to Coin, what's the point? (Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that the whole accidentally leaving the card behind and it reminding you on your phone is total crap. It works terribly, only reminding when I physically have the card in my hand. They need to fix that...)
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@steven_rushing Great and my app says I should expect to receive mine in late August. So they have 5 days to send me a device I probably shouldn't have backed in the first place...
@steven_rushing I was a beta user and thought Coin 1.0 would be a step up, in terms of build and usability. Unfortunately, the shell's still made from a low quality card board that I just would never even want to take out of my wallet. I feel proud/confident to pull out my Amex and Chase Ink cards, but never got that feeling from Coin. To Steven's points, I always had to keep my cards with me just in case, which defeated the purpose of Coin. Coin 1.0 also took forever to arrive to me and my friends, and with all things considered, I don't think I'd pay for a newer version.
I've had my Coin for a couple months and basically don't bother using it at this point. I would say I had a 50/50 shot of getting it to work at stores and the initial set up to get the cards in was brutal as well since the card reader provided is so cheap and flimsy that it took 50 swipes to get each card in there. Hope version 2 is better but based of version 1 I have my doubts. Would be nice if they sent the small number of Coin 1 users the new one for free considering the 1 is pretty useless. Sorry don't mean to be negative but I was excited when it came out and it was a total let down.
@markiyanm you can upgrade to 2.0 for free. Make sure the app is updated and login and go to settings.
@bhavesh My app is updated and no new signup for Coin 2.0. Sigh...
Another great video by Sandwich Man, @lonelysandwich:
The new Coin, which received a ton of hype and pre-orders when the first iteration was revealed, is NFC and is EMV-compatible so you can tap to pay. It's also faster and thinner.