A list of businesses looking for a co-founder

coHounder is a list of companies—similar to a job board—seeking co-founders.

The aim is to provide a painless way for founders to find their ideal & aptly-skilled co-founder through maximum exposure to potential co-founders.

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Thanks for the hunt Abihishek! 🤚 Hey Product Hunters 👋 I'm personally a big fan of job boards, because of their simplicity. You post a job and people inquire until you find the ideal prospect(s). I want to create that same experience for finding a co-founder with coHounder: 1. Post your interest in joining forces with a co-founder, specifying skills-needed 2. Wait for interested people see your post and contact you about it 3. When someone contacts you and is exactly what you need... Well I guess you found the one 🙌 Have a look and let me know what you all think, I'd love to hear any feedback or thoughts! 👍 P.S If anyone ends up finding their co-founder on coHounder, PLEASE let me know, I'd love to hear success stories 😊
@jarrod Congrats on such high product traction, I can see so many listings already there. i just hope that the diversity of co-founders will expand, since for example, no one has yet posted they are looking for a solidity developer or cryptocurrency developer there
@lazarjovanovic1 Thank you! I hope so too! I think a lot of it relies on word of mouth, so if you know anyone in these spaces that is looking for a co-founder, it would be great if you could share it with them!
@jarrod I will certainly do so within my community! As for you, I would recommend you to be active on highly ranked cryptocurrency subreddit channels like r/cryptocurrency or r/ethdev for example which gathers developers mostly, and let them know about your platform :)
I came for the thumbnail image 😊 srsly though, this is a great idea because I always hear people struggling to find co-founders. Clever product name.
@abadesi thanks! Yeah it seems like a harder thing than it needs to be in my opinion :/ I've had such mixed feedback on the name, people either tell me I need to change it, or they love it. I guess if the name is standing out so much it's a good thing? I don't know *shrug*
Just added my listing! awesome product :)
@biraj Thanks! I hope you find an amazing co-founder! Make sure you let me know if you do :)
This looks like a great site so far! I'm curious, will you be integrating hiring profiles, similar to that of a resume? I've noticed there's only an email and website option so far.
@hasan_liou Great question! My currently philosophy for the site is to keep it as lean and lightweight as possible. If enough people want something like this, I will build it in a heartbeat. As of yet, I don't see a huge demand for it, but I could be wrong, I guess time and more feedback will tell 😊