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CohortPlus is a platform to discover relevant content and connect with like-minded professionals in the Product Management community

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Hey Product Hunters, I am super excited to introduce CohortPlus to you. It is one of the largest and the most active communities for Product Management professionals. Over 8000 Product Management professionals from top companies such as Google, Facebook, Adobe, Intuit as well as from fast growing tech startups are part of the platform and they exchange useful information everyday. The platform aims to achieve - Spam free "product management discussions" - We want to help build a strong and vibrant product ecosystem and encourage rich discussions around the product daily. We use algorithms to cut out spam. Discussions include Q and A, latest updates around the product management world, sharing of unique and diverse perspectives by Product Managers from all over the globe including India, US, Europe, Morocco, Pakistan etc. Mentorship - Seasoned Product Managers constantly help aspiring folks through mentorship and knowledge exchange Case studies and Interview questions are other aspects that get covered extensively by members of the community. Curated Jobs - We post curated Product Management jobs and provide the status and feedback to all Product Management applicants to maintain transparency in the process. Product Managers finally have an online destination they can call home and I am excited to invite you to the abode! Do check it out and provide us feedback. Good or bad it doesn't matter. It would help us improve our offering greatly
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@naryansrini Very useful community Naryansrini, even the content looks very engaging. From a UI perspective, I think a lot can be improved esp. the font face and the sizes.
@jitesh_dugar Thanks Jitesh for the feedback. Will definitely look into improving the UI further and prioritise it ! Appreciate your feedback !
Looks great!
@callback_tracker Thanks Patrick.
Awesome to see products centred around the PM practice! Joined and congrats on the PH launch! Point of feedback on your onboarding flow - I signed up via Fb and found that being forced to enter my email (and unnaturally) search for the country code was very restrictive.
@will_lam Thanks a lot for the feedback. That is definitely an unsatisfactory user experience. Will definitely iron it out in our next release. Should be fixed on priority.
Excited to be part of the CohortPlus community - it looks like you've done a really great job at creating a community where members are engaged and eager to help each other. Congrats on the launch!
@taliavane Thanks Talia. Yes, I think the true essence of a community is realised when folks come together and help each other out. This is our first step towards realising that goal. Will try and grow this further. Also plan to launch more communities in the near future.
Great job!!!๐Ÿ˜Š