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In business, your words matter. A lot.

Cognifyd checks for hundreds of communication best practices, tone guidelines, and other nuances that impact the way you look to your customers. We use proprietary heuristic rules and artificial intelligence to make your communication more effective.

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Use cases/features, taken from their website: 📍Sales Close More. Cognifyd reviews your sales emails and sales templates to give optimal sales communication feedback. Make your communication more effective where it matters most – when communicating with potential customers. 📍Marketing Communicate Clearly. Cognifyd checks marketing and PR communication based on best practices so that your message comes across clearly. It’s like having a marketing or PR expert reading over your shoulder. 📍Customer Support & Customer Success Create Happy Customers. Cognifyd checks your tone and text in real-time based on customer success best practices. You get a customer success communication expert in your browser. 📍Executives Communicate Leadership. Cognifyd checks the tone and business professionalism of your communication based on best practices, in real time, while you work. It also makes sure your front-lines are communicating in sync and in the best ways to achieve results.
Thanks for the votes everyone! I love all the online proofreading apps. They are great for checking spelling and grammar. Very useful in school and in business. But, I've been working the business world for a while now and realized we needed to proofread for all the expertise that is in the brains of marketing, brand, legal, sales, etc. So, I thought - we should build the first AI-driven proofreader that checks the words, phrases, and patterns that make better business communication. That's Cognifyd.
Not sure if I understand the difference between this and Grammarly
@vladcalus This is clearly aimed at business people, salespeople, marketers. It warns you about using spam filter triggering words and jargon. You can see that in the screenshots 😛
@vladcalus @anna_0x Do you provide synonims to change such words?
@vladcalus Great question. What Anna said is correct. Grammarly proofreads your grammar and spelling. Cognifyd proofreads for weak words, business jargon, spam words, etc. And also - checks structure based on what a good sales (or marketing, support, or general business) email looks like.
@vladcalus @anna_0x @bitrewards Not yet! Working on it. Great suggestion.
@rick_yost @willmurphy Interesting product. My thoughts on B2B outbound sales for Cognifyd : a) Target recently funded SaaS companies. They will be spending money on sales and customer success. b) Target companies who are hiring for inside sales, email specialist, lead generation, customer success. If a company is hiring for these roles, it means they are growing in sales and would be happy to invest in a product like yours.
@rick_yost @shreyaa_ratra Thanks for the feedback! We'll do that. Also, this is our MVP. We have a lot more interesting features coming for business teams and corporations.
@rick_yost @willmurphy Cant wait to see that.
@rick_yost @shreyaa_ratra We feel the same way! :)
I definitley need this! Great work!!