Cognifyd 1.0

The smart editor that helps you write business content

Cognifyd analyzes words, structure, and tone to give constructive feedback on written business communication. (This isn’t spellcheck.)

Our most popular options are: marketing and sales copy for email and web channels.

Hundreds signed up to use our original demo. We're back with version 1. It's smarter and has an improved user experience.

Sam van Niekerk
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    Fast, efficient, practical, easy to use


    None for me

    I write a lot of reports and memo's in a local government environment. I run out of ideas and sometimes get a little lazy... this app is AMAZING for getting you back on track, you can really tweak your wording down to the bare minimum and sound like you were born to write!

    Sam van Niekerk has used this product for one month.
Hi team 👋 ! Are there any specific industries its optimised for?
@lanre__akin Right now our feedback is not industry specific. But we'll add more industry-specific intelligence in the future.
Hi Product Hunt, I was sitting around a table at a large company with people from Marketing and Legal - we were proofreading a press release for the best possible wording. I realized there were proofreaders for spelling and grammar, or even SEO - but none for business writing. We decided to build the first proofreader for business. And, we also use AI to make it pick up on nuances like tone. And we'll use AI to make it more intelligent over time. We hope you like our v1.0.
I'm just checking in to say that the logo design is fantastic.
Nice concept guys! Hope you to see chrome extension soon!