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Alejandro Cremades — Author and CoFounder of Onevest
Hello product hunters! Alejandro Cremades here. I am one of the cofounders of the holding company, Onevest. CoFoundersLab is a community of 300,000+ entrepreneurs that help each other thrive. In July, I told you about our acquisition of FounderDating, which made us one of the web’s largest networks of entrepreneurs, and now I’m back with another exciting update: a completely revamped CoFoundersLab Discuss.

We made (and now improved) Discuss because we personally know how long, difficult, and lonely the founder’s journey is. We also know that entrepreneurs genuinely want to help one another, which is why we created Discuss to be a place where all entrepreneurs can ask questions about everything from common issues to highly technical and industry-specific queries.

The response from entrepreneurs on Discuss has been incredible — 5,000+ discussions, 48,000 answers (including responses from leading executives and VCs), and a 90% response rate. We’re excited to help even more entrepreneurs in 2017. Discuss is here to help every founder on their journey!

As a token of appreciation feel free to use the discount code PRODUCTHUNT in order to receive 25% off from any of our services on the CoFoundersLab platform.
Hiten Shah — Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & Quick Sprout
It's nice to see a company attacking the problem of quality information for founders. There has been countless attempts over the years with varying degrees of success. Q&A sites need to have a lot of activity to be useful and it already looks like an active community! I'm looking forward to watching this community for founders evolve.
Alejandro Cremades — Author and CoFounder of Onevest
@hnshah thank you so much for the kind words! The WHY behind CoFoundersLab is really to bring education and transparency to the way founders build and grow their businesses. We find CoFoundersLab Discuss to be a good step in that direction :)
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