Showcasing design intern portfolios at top tech companies

Cofolios shows off design intern portfolios at top tech companies. It also helps other students have a point of reference when applying to these tech companies.

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This is really unique! As someone who enjoys learning and looking for ways to improve this has been incredibly insightful seeing what these individuals have crafted to get the attention of top tech companies.
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@marcoafabrega Thanks man!
nice idea, like how they're grouped in companies - and relevant related articles on each company are great! Would be cool if it showed what makes a portfolio is good, or even an interview with the portfolio maker
@graeme_fulton Thanks!! There's actually a podcast which interviews students. In the next iteration I'm going to link their interviews and feature portfolios.
@hasque Glad to see this on Product Hunt, Hasque! I just went live with a new, just slightly late for your Product Hunt launch, oh well!
@samdotdesign It's all good man :). There's still a few hundred people clicking on your site, so you're all good.
Anything like this for Software Engineering interns?
@imranmuthu I don't think so? I was actually of thinking of adding engineering interns to Cofolios.
@hasque would be awesome!

This would have been a fantastic resource back in school. It's a great resource for young designers, I hope the collection continues to grow.


Great idea for supporting young designers.


None right now, I hope the collection grows.

I really love this idea and it looks great! I'd love to see something like this for software engineering roles.