Create awesome printable coffee infographics for your office

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Amazing! Please, would you get some kind of energetic drink in this? (RedBull, Burn, Monster, etc...)
@_pmerino Added :) - You can now chose energy drinks. I wasn't sure if there's any point for further customization so I left it without any for now.
Ha! We could probably use this at Product Hunt HQ for our Philz orders.
@rrhoover Yesss! With Slack integration that pings you when an order is brewing. Any plans for coffee shop-specific menus @yonbergman? ☕️
@lukasfittl that's a cool idea, maybe in a sponsored version 😉
How neat, folks at our office will get a kick out of this! :)
My team spent about an hour creating the info graph. Got them printed and put them up on our wall. I work at a startup and a coffee vending machine is not our list yet, we are trying to save every penny we can. But, this is a good reminder for us that good days are yet to come and we have to strive hard. Fantastic product 😄
Would be really cool if Coffeespec could make infographic instructions for brewing methods also — i.e. drip, aeropress, espropress, chemex. We have many members & guests at Fort Work that need step by step tips for the coffee madness @ioren has created.
@jbschaff I agree with this. It would be awesome to create custom instructions.