Organize your team coffee runs with a Slack slash command

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Should be the Slack Slash Command that every summer intern knows by heart this year
@workstationw Well then I should probably add the option to tell others to go on a coffee run πŸ˜…
now someone should make /summerintern
I love this bit. But I'd like to report a bug - since I stopped working with @assafgelber I don't get the coffee delivered to me πŸ˜‰
@yonbergman Haha well you should work on your hiring then.. 😁
Love this! I own a co working space and little things like this can help people start communicating with each other more.
@alexputici That's awesome! I'm really glad to hear! If you have any feature requests or just general feedback and suggestions, I would love to hear :)
Reminds me of the philz calls in our slack cc @rrhoover @corleyh
Love it! #newdailytool
@nadavwiz Thank you very much! Hope it serves you well.