Let everyone enter their order for coffee runs

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Looks like a really useful but simple tool, thanks! Would also be a great Slack integration. You could enter "/coffee in 5 for 6" in a channel and it would post the signup link in the channel for a 6 person coffee run in 5 minutes.
@itsofrischial haha yeah nice one! This is a great tool for interns :p
If you're the generous sort who goes to the coffee shop on behalf of your entire team, this should make remembering everyone's order a bit easier!
Slick, and simple to use! Reminded me of the Caffeinator feature creep story. "In hindsight, it was probably right around the time that I implemented debt tracking into Caffeinator that I should have taken a break from enhancing it and reconsidered whether feature creep had gone way too far."
Awesome. This is perfect, especially if it integrated with pos software like Vend so your order was there waiting for you and paid for when you arrived to grab them.
What's this built on? I'm looking at building a simple system like this
@optiquest21 Nvm found the source :D