Non-electric pocket-sized espresso machine

COFFEEJACK is able to reach 9 to 10 BAR pressure which is required to extract true espresso. The machine doesn’t need any power source as you manually control it and doesn't require any filters or pods. Its pocket-size format allows you to carry it everywhere.
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Hey Everyone, please welcome our new project: the COFFEEJACK machine. The idea behind this machine is to provide a barista-quality coffee on the go in an infinitely portable and an eco-friendly design. We hope you will like it ☕️
Wow! Love the concept. As a frequent traveler, I used to carry an electric turkish coffee pot with me. I'll definitely look into that option of yours! Good luck with the product :)
@marie_dostoewskaya Thank you for your support, we have designed COFFEEJACK with travelers in mind :) Hope you will like it!
Looks cool. At least you won't get an electrical charge when you try to use it. I have an electrical coffee maker that always breaks. So I should hire professional electrician to take care of my house. So I contact asap and never touch anything with my own hands. And as long as they will be coming, I can also ask them to fix other things in the house too. So I wish you best of luck.