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I find your next coffee spot.

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Hey Product Hunters, Dan here, maker of Coffee's Bot. So this is definitely work in progress but if you like working from a coffee shop or you're traveling in unknown marvellous places, I made a bot that finds coffee places walking distance around you. Let me know if any questions or feedback!
@dandancrisan Great job Dan! Respect from MTL :)
@dandancrisan this is great. Would love to see you incorporate the Uber Trip Experiences API so the rider doesn't need to enter an address? Every time the someone gets in an Uber, you could send them a message to let them know where to get coffee near their destination — just tell people to turn off notifications so they don't get annoyed!
@dandancrisan This would be so much more helpful if the bot could take my location automatically.
This. is. awesome. Can you add support/details if the shops have extra services such as WiFi so we can ☕ + 💻
@gabe__perez It's on the to-do list, thanks! (that, and opening hours)
@dandancrisan Great to hear – thanks! This app seriously warms my Java heart #blessed
Awesome Job! Just tried it and it works ! You should definitely check what we are working on ! Our app is called Crema App here is the link : We are live in 6 different cities : Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Paris and Berlin ! We offer information like is there any wifi, you can order an Uber from the app, and know where are the closest coffee shops to you position. In the coming weeks we will be introducing the payment solution where you will be able to pay for your favourite daily cup of java ! Made in Montreal with a lot of coffee love !
Hey Dan! I really like the idea, but it's not working in Southampton, UK :-( Seems to work in London, though - gonna make use next week! "I found 4 places in total" "undefined @ undefined is undefined min away" (x4)
@jlewin_ noted! thanks !
The same thing is happening in my suburb of Sydney, Australia. It is saying undefined @ undefined for Jannali, NSW Australia. But other than that, I am loving it!!! Great work!