Coffee Meets Bagel

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Today CMB released v2.0 of their mobile app, adding in-app chat and a much needed visual refresh. I've been using this app for over a year and unlike traditional dating sites, you don't get the fatigue feeling browsing through dozens/hundreds of profiles with rejection (not that I ever get rejected or anything).
@willholte to be honest, I've received few matches (but I mark "yes" to less than 10% of matches). I still enjoy using it though. It's my understanding that the other person sees your profile the same day or you would almost never get matched because of the infrequency. You can also pay to get your profile in front of specific people which is clever.
I love coffee. Definitely interested in meeting a bagel.
I struggle to understand Coffee Meets Bagel. I get the theory, and I kind of like the idea of having a bunch of apps that take no time to use but still provide value (Moves was an example for me, for a while)—but almost every interaction I have with the app involves the app forcing me away.
@willimholte that's the appeal of it for me. I can spend 30 seconds w/ it each day and I know the woman I'm connected to will also see my profile.